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Selection Criteria Writing Services

Get Precise, Tailored And Expertly Written Selection Criteria!

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for job seekers to understand the selection criteria and how they need to respond which then becomes a big problem for them in the future. It seems to be a great barrier for people securing employment in the public sector. There are many agencies introducing their job openings in Sydney, Australia that use the selection criteria like local, state and federal government in order to make the comparison between the relative merits of each applicant. It is a vital tool for the Australian Public Service (APS) along with other government bodies to assess the capability of the applicants to perform successfully in a role. So, it is good to answer selection criteria that can impact on whether you are going to be interviewed or not.

Our professional resume writers in Sydney will bring the right techniques to stand you out among others and guarantee your name to be on the top for the interview list.

How to Respond to The Selection Criteria?

Here are some key guidelines needed to make an effective response to the selection criteria:

Make a statement about your knowledge skills and experience that how everything meets the particular criterion.

It is good to use the STAR methodology to ensure that your response to selection criteria is logical and sequential.

  • Situation – Explain the context briefly for instance; where you were working, what were you studying
  • Task – Mention the tasks briefly you performed in that situation.
  • Action – What were the steps you took while performing the tasks, don’t take it so long.
  • Result – What was the result then? Think about the positive outcomes and the benefits to a future employer.

Our experienced resume writers in Sydney are highly knowledgeable in government and non-government applications and will write responses based on your skills, personal and experience examples and also the STAR method.

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