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Job seekers! Time to tighten your belts, once again!

When the world is going through this massive pandemic spread that humanity has seen in a century, we all, regardless of the borders are looking at that graphs every day and seeing where we are in time. Some countries prioritizing their economy and some prioritizing the health of their fellow citizens. We all know this is temporary and the only question here is how fast we recover.


If you are in Australia, you are in one of the safest places among the developed world. The curves are extremely hopeful – big thanks to government’s well-planned approach, committed front-line workers as well as the advantages of being an island far away from the rest of the continents. Australia is now starting to see the light at the other end of the tunnel with easing of restrictions after several weeks of isolation and strict rules, with relatively lower impact on economy compared to many other nations across the globe.


One of the most remarkable statistics apart from the flattening curves is the steady regaining of consumer spending confidence (https://www.adviservoice.com.au/2020/04/confidence-returning-tracking-covid-19-impact/). What this means is the money flow is starting to recover and community is returning slowly to its normal lives, which is a great hope from economics point of view. In addition to that, federal government’s plans to accelerate and inject money on big projects (https://corrs.com.au/insights/how-the-planning-system-can-help-boost-a-covid-19-economic-recovery-in-nsw) are extremely promising as well.  What this combined indicates is an attempt to recreate the jobs and to boost the economic recovery over the coming months.


In today’s press meet, Hon. PM Scott Morrison outlined the government is hoping to fully recover the Australian economy by July, which is much sooner than what most expected initially considering the amount of disaster the virus is doing all over the planet. https://www.smh.com.au/national/coronavirus-updates-live-scott-morrison-aims-for-full-reopening-of-australian-economy-by-july-global-covid-19-cases-surpass-3-9-million-as-australian-death-toll-stands-at-97-20200509-p54rfq.html).


So far so good and for most graduates and job hunters, the times seems to be much more clearer ahead than previously thought. Seeing the job advertisements on platforms like seek.com.au slowly coming back alive, we are in great hope that the economy is in its fastest route to recovery. For the same reason, if you are a recent graduate or job seeker, now is the time that you must ensure you are ready in every possible way. You have to make sure you have used this time to up-skill yourself and you need to have the best profile you can by the time the job market is back to its full strength.


It is now the time to rewrite your resume and LinkedIn profiles and start getting back on your job search, once again, with your belts tightened! In the very near future, hopefully in a month’s time analysts are estimating the job markets to strengthen back and so from now, each of your day is important to prepare yourself for that. If you do not have an attractive resume yet or if you don’t have a resourceful LinkedIn profile set up, contact us today! Don’t be thrown out from the market, all your dreams are still worth it. And all your ambitions still do count. We are here to make sure that, reach us today if you need any assistance in strengthening your goals, once again! We shall overcome this crisis soon and we will find our success on the coming post-Covid era.

Life is too short to complain. Get ready and do your best. Now!

Wishing you the very best for your future,

Unique Writing Services.

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