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Job seekers and graduates – What can you do during this Covid-19 spread and lockdowns?

In the past few days, we have been hearing a lot of concerns from graduates who were desperately applying for new jobs a month ago – we are all now shocked to see how the unprecedented corona virus pandemic is affecting the world! It’s true that a part of the economy is almost frozen and many companies have paused their hiring process, although, we strongly recommend to not see this as the end – in fact job seekers have the most important task to do at this time of temporary closures:

1) Don’t get demotivated. Hard times are always temporary – only thing that’s going to matter is how stronger we come out of this. Use the time to improve your skillset, knowledge and try to learn new, important skills that the industry is looking for. You will not get another chance to build skills when time is frozen.
2) Build your network – there is no better time than this to build your connections and network with people from whom you can learn and share your knowledge with. Everyone is home with their family, thanks to the 21st century technology – we can work from home, spending a gargantuan amount of time on online platforms – use this opportunity to send a polite connection request to the leaders and interesting profiles in your industry – establish a good touch point.
3) Build your profile and make sure you become two times stronger by skills in the coming two months – you have got a treasure time in isolation from the busy world.
4) Above all, stay away from negativity – human brains are evolved to focus on negative things and media and public platforms are selling this theory to make profit – stay away from all the negative stories. It is fact that we are going through a hard time and losing many important lives everyday across the world – but our task is clear – stay home! And break the chain to prevent the explosion. Neither too much negative news nor your twitter blaming comments will save the world. They will only make you frustrated and depressed. Keep the positivity and help if anyone is in need, if you can. Support your families and friends, if you can – even an emotional support will be of great value during this crisis.

Job seekers – Be extremely careful on how you spend this pandemic time! We hope you all stay well and healthy and please don’t end up spending all your day on social media and Netflix. This crisis is temporary – Use this once in a life-time opportunity to scale your skills while the world is frozen. Make sure you are far better than what you are today by the time the new job ads flood online in a few months’ time.

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    April 8, 2020 at 4:17 am

    I am looking for work.

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