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Challenges a job seeker faces at different stages of his career

Getting into a good job is not as easy as it is, at any stage of someone’s career. Let’s have a closer look into a job seekers path from the beginning.

A fresh graduate, is looking out for his first job. At this stage, the first and foremost challenge for him is his lack of knowledge and experience itself which filters him out from most of the openings. While not yet employed, he is already under the pressure to get into a paid employment to repay the educational expenses, cover up his own finances etc. That pressure forces him to accept any opportunity that comes to him. He is accepting that entry level position, working under a lot of supervisions and learning the basics of his profession.

His target soon moves to a better job where he gets better recognition and fare earnings too. That demand itself, makes the second stage of his job search, an equally tough one. Continuous attempts without success can lead him to a stressful situation. When he finally gets the job as he wanted, he uses the platform to continue learning and practicing his professional tasks up to a superior level while the personal/financial situations are more balanced in the other side. 

He is now an expert and a stable professional. He definitely needs the next job with higher level position and responsibilities to apply his expertise. He knows the struggle that he experienced to reach where he is now. And he can’t think about accepting something lesser. He needs a pay scale suiting his current quality of life too. Lack of such opportunities can easily frustrate him at this stage. It might take time, but he definitely can land in a position that he is well deserved for.

There can be many other challenges too, such as a career gap, unexpected situations like pandemics, personal scenarios etc. Anyhow, challenges are an inevitable part in the path of a job seeker. But it is important not to be discouraged by those. Success is the experience of rising to the level of your true greatness. When things do not go your way, remember that every challenge — every adversity — contains within it the seeds of opportunity and growth!!!

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